Eau De Perfum, A Perfume With a Difference!

Eau De Perfum, A Perfume With a Difference!

Gabbie Perpetual is a fragrance from the house of Gabbie Perpetual. This Italian scent was designed by Chiara Appollonia and was created for Chiara herself. She has made it available to other people all over the world. I am quite sure this is one of the scents that she likes best, but you can only know this by trying it yourself.
This fragrance has been made available in many forms like gabbie per le dimensioni, gabbie per pappagalli, gabbie per una gabbia, gabbie per parelli etc.

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In order to help you choose the correct one, here are some notes of the aromas. Firstly the aroma has an earthy scent which is almost vegetal. There are also fruits and wood aromas with it. It has got a very sweet smell of honey mixed with wood.
Let us now have a look at the floral notes. They have got a mixture of pink flowers and orange flowers. It is like spring time with a burst of passion. The aroma is of fresh cut flower and has a very sweet smell of summer as well. In fact the opening notes of the fragrance really smells like roses and lilacs. The middle notes have got a great harmony between different floral notes like white peony, mocha, rose, Carnation and lily.
Then in the last third there is a slight mix of different notes which include musk deer, amber, ambergris, and many more. This has got a heavy musk smell which is almost like the forest or fresh cut wood. In the base area we have got vanilla, which is light and has got a sweet smell of roasting coffee. The last few notes are not easily described because it is like a mix of many other notes, but they are nice to have. The gabbie per pappagalli is made in a smaller sized bottle than the normal so that it can be worn easily in your evening clothes and this can be worn as the gabbi per system as well.
The gabbie per system is also available in a larger bottle, which is much better than the small one. It is a little thicker and the perfume lasts longer. So, if you are looking for something different then go for the pappagalli. You will definitely enjoy the unique smell that it gives. La Loro Gabbi is a great smelling perfume which comes with a free sample of La Loro Gourmet coffee.
The pappagalli makes a great gift for an Italian friend on a special occasion. If the person does not like the scents of the La Voliera then they should try the Per Questo. This perfume is made in a limited edition and is mostly available in Italy. The perfume can be bought in a box that contains 5 bottles of the La Voliera and also a free gourmet coffee. This perfume is also offered with the discount voucher.
The most popular brand of perfume, which is available in Italy is La Voliera. The company started in 1992 and has grown by leaps and bounds. They are also the leading manufacturer of perfume for men, women, and children. The two major divisions in the company are La Volirology, which are involved in fragrance research and development, and Loro Spazio, which are involved in the manufacture of the perfume as well as packaging and distributing of the products.
If you buy the right perfume from the Perfume outlets in Italy, then you can get the best out of them. You can save a lot of money if you buy the right perfume from the right sources. If you have a sweet tooth, then you would find the Eau de Perfum from the Eau de Perfum range of products. There are a number of products of the Eau de Perfum range which are suitable for every occasion. For more information on the various products of the Eau de Perfum range, visit the Perfume Boutique today.

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